Ozone Portable Monitors

Our portable ozone detectors are designed for easy and precise ozone measurement and control. They are used in a range of applications including sterilization, medical, food safety and water treatment industries. Their versatility and simple functionality means they can be used by anyone at any time.
Unique GSS ozone sensor technology
Aeroqual ozone sensors provide high accuracy and precision at an affordable price. The OZL (0-0.5ppm) and OZU (0-0.15ppm), and OZS (0-0.05ppm) sensors all use Aeroqual’s proprietary gas sensitive semiconductor (GSS) sensors which incorporate a dynamic baseline adjustment to reduce sensor drift. These sensors provide analyzer-like performance, with 1ppb detection limits, yet cost as much as 4-5 times less then the most cost effective ozone analyzers on the market.
Easily serviced for reduced downtime
One of the unique features of the portable ozone detector is the ability for sensor heads to be interchanged. Sensors can be swapped out easily without any additional configuration. This feature means that only the sensor head needs to be sent for recalibration allowing the monitor to remain in use with a different sensor head plugged in.
A choice of three portable monitors
The selection of three portable ozone detectors offer a different level of usability depending on the application. The Series 500 is our complete package and includes in-built data logging functionality, alarm set points and control options. If ozone control is the most important requirement, the Series 300 may be the option for you. It includes both high and low alarm and control user defined set points to monitor and control ozone concentrations. The Series 200 is our entry level device. It is most suited for health and safety spot checks and personal exposure testing.
Electrochemical ozone sensor for fast response
Our EOZ sensor (0-10ppm) incorporates a Kalman filter and advanced signal processing to give excellent linearity across the entire range. The screen updates every 4 seconds making this sensor an excellent choice for leak detection and health and safety monitoring where the user is moving quickly between locations. Because the sensors can be swapped in and out – one portable monitor can harness both ozone sensor technologies in the same device.

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