IC Series

The compact MultiMeasure infrared cameras in the Trotec IC Series deliver a convincing performance with precise thermographic measurements in real-time, an expansive temperature range and a variety of functions – combined with an amazingly low price which offers unbeatable value for money.

The construction basis of the IC-series is one of the most widely sold camera platforms in the world. Benefit during your daily measuring operations from a series of instruments which leaves nothing to be desired.

Features like fully-radiometric temperature measurements with real-time image repetition frequency, a high geometric resolution of 1.1mrad, a large, generously-sized image sensor with 110,592 individual measuring spots, a built-in digital camera for combined real images and patented picture-in-picture Duo­Vision images, uncooled microbolometer technology for maintenance-free operation, dynamic four-point measurements, automatic temperature tracking the list goes on.

Seven different cameras and three application-specific series guarantee that your infrared thermal imaging camera matches your own individual applications and needs.

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