Chauvin Arnoux CA 6472

Tester for all types of earth measurements, including pylon earth measurements (with the C.A 6474) – soil resistivity – earth coupling – ground potential – continuity & resistance

The C.A 6472 can be used for quick, comprehensive surveys of all earthing configurations, offering all the necessary earth measurement functions in a single instrument.

When used with the C.A 6474, it can also perform pylon earth measurements, making it a unique but essential tool for diagnostics and maintenance on pylon networks.

The C.A 6472 offers the possibility of analysing the frequency behaviour of the earth connections thanks to its extensive measurement frequency range (41 to 5,078 Hz). The use of a high-frequency measurement signal makes it possible to assess the behaviour of an earthing circuit in the presence of lightning.


  • 3P measurement up to 10 kΩ and stray voltages up to 60 V RMS
  • 4P and selective 4P measurement
  • Earth loop measurement with 2 clamps from 0.01 Ω to 500 Ω
  • Earth coupling measurement
  • Soil resistivity measurement: simply program the distances used for the measurement and the tester then calculates r using the Wenner oe Schlumberger methods
  • Ground potential measurement
  • Continuity and resistance measurement
  • Pylon earth measurement with the C.A 6474

Other specifications:

  • Storage of 512 test results
  • USB optical link
  • Ground Tester Transfer PC software to process the stored data
  • Power supply: NiMh battery with external charger
  • IP53 protection
  • IEC 61557 -1 -4 -5
  • IEC 61010 50V CAT IV
  • Dimensions: 272 x 250 x 128 mm, 3 kg

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