Chauvin Arnoux F606

Clamp multimeter 2000A TRMS AC+DC
Providing protection against electric shock up to 12 kV, the F600 series meets the most demanding safety criteria (CAT IV 1000V/CAT III 1500V) and has a high protection index to enable intervention in complete safety. security on all LV installations.
The F600 series is suitable for high power applications such as electrical power distribution, chemical or petrochemical industries, metallurgy, rail transport, etc.
The F606 clamp is equipped with a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system and performs precise measurements whatever the form of the signal.


Features :
• Clamping diameter 60 mm
• Intensity 2000 A AC / 3000 A DC
• AC and DC voltage up to 1200 VAC / 1700 VDC
• Resistance and sound continuity
• Powers (W, var, VA, PF) and harmonic rates (THDf, THDr)
• Phase rotation “2-wire method”
• AC/DC automatic detection
• TrueInrush overcurrent measurement
• Min, MAX, Peak+, Peak-
• RELative (ΔX) and Differential (ΔX/X) measurements
• CAT IV 1000 V / CAT III 1500 V
• IP54 protection rating

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