Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor


The Dust Sentry is a modular air quality monitoring instrument for the measurement and compliance of specific dust and particulate designation. The Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor uses a well proven near forward light scattering nephelometer and high precision sharp cut cyclone to provide continuous real-time measurement of only the PM10 size fraction.

Packaged in a robust weather-proof, lockable enclosure, the Dust Sentry is light enough for one-person site installations. The instrument includes an embedded PC, up to 20 years of on-board data storage, and a powerful air quality monitoring software.

What can it measure?

The Dust Sentry PM10 Dust Monitor provides continuous real-time monitoring of PM10, producing accurate, defensible data, accessible anywhere. Designed to help you achieve regulatory compliance – MCERTS certified and SCAQMD pre-approved. Suitable for use on a range of projects, including construction, remediation, fenceline monitoring, and waste management.

  • Continuous real-time measurement of particulate matter (PM10) – accessible via any wireless device
  • Robust, weather-proof enclosure, suitable for use in most conditions
  • Can be configured to measure PM2.5, PM1 or TSP, or upgraded to measure VOCs, Ozone and NO2

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Weight 15000 g



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