HT Italia I-V400w

I-V Curve Tracer for maintenance and troubleshooting of photovoltaic systems.
  • Measurement of I-V Curve of one or more modules or of one whole string up to 1000V/15A
  • Measurement of open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current Voc/Isc
  • Database of 30.000 selectable photovoltaic modules
I-V400w allows field detection of I-V Curve an of the main characteristic parameters both of a single module and of strings of modules for PV installations up to a maximum of 1000V and 15A. For measuring I-V Curve, I-V400w manages an internal database of the modules, which can be updated at any time by the user and comparison between the measured data with the rated values allows immediately evaluating whether the string or the module fulfills the efficiency parameters declared by the manufacturer. I-V Curve can be measured also by decentralizing measurement of irradiation and temperature by using the optional remote unit SOLAR02, using the radio frequency connection (RF) with the master unit.
Also for I-V400w, the display at the end of the test of I-V Curve is a clear indication about the compliance with the specifications declared by the panel manufacturer.


I-V curve tracing of PV modules and strings 1000V/15A
Quick IVCK test for measuring Voc and Isc on PV modules and strings VOC 1000V / ISC 15A
Use of remote unit SOLAR-02 with USB \ RF connection RF
Measurement of direct (front side) irradiation with reference cell
Temperature measurement of cell and environment
Summary table of main electric parameters
Measuring range of I-V curve / VOC-ISC 1000V / 15A
Measurement category CAT III 300V
Backlit LCD display
Internal memory 249 I-V Curves
Provided PC interface with software for Windows
Custom management of internal PV module database 30 internal / 30.000 on software
Integrated WiFi
Auto power off
Help on line on the display
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 235x165x75
Weight in grams (batteries included) 1200

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