HT italia M73

Multifunction device for non-trip earth resistance measurement and RCD tests
M73 has been developed for operators who mainly work on private installations. M73 is very easy to use, it is very small in size and it carries out all necessary tests to establish COMPLIANCE (and hence ensure SAFETY) of an electric system.
By always using it before starting working on an already existing system (which the operator therefore does not know well) and at the end of the job, this device will guarantee the necessary safety to both operators and users of the electric systems! Thanks to its small size, this device offers many operating opportunities. M73 is also used to test the safety of electric system; it s therefore capable of measuring non-trip earth resistance, carrying out tests on RCDs type A and AC and measuring Insulation and Continuity. At the end of the test, the device shows all results with the indication of compliance or non-compliance with the standards with simple symbols di OK or NOT OK.


Measuring range of verifiable rated currents 30,30×5,100,300mA
Tripping time of type A, AC General and Selective RCDs A = 30mA AC = 300mA only general
Ramp test for tipping current of RCDs type A, AC General and Selective A = 30mA AC = 30mA only general
Non-trip earth resistance
Contact voltage
Leakage current with optional clamp meter
DC/AC TRMS voltage and current
Phase sequence
Continuity with buzzer
Measurement of voltage and current PEAK
Measurement category CAT III

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