The THT47 is a powerful user-friendly infrared thermal camera designed for detailed analysis to be performed by thermography operators. The instrument’s core is the icon structure menu available through a capacitive TFT high brightness touchscreen LCD allowing really intuitive operations with finger touch selections. THT47 saves thermal and visual images into micro-SD cards under a standard JPG format also allowing data transfer to PC via USB interface. Live active IR data video recording is also available. THT47 has an IR sensor with optimum resolution (160x120pxl) which makes it perfectly suitable for preventive maintenance operations on any industrial application. The instrument has a wide temperature range (max 400°C) and a lot of internal features such as the possibility to perform advanced analysis including spots, lines, areas and isothermal on each image. This instrument is ideal to check mechanical devices, detect electric problems, check hydraulic systems, verify forced ventilation circuits, etc.


  • Measurement range from -20°C to 400°C
  • Touch screen infrared camera 384x288pxl, 50Hz
  • Readout in °C, °F, °K
  • Wide color LCD display with capacitive touch-screen
  • 8 color standard palette
  • 10 customized color palette
  • Manual image focusing
  • Selectable emissivity values
  • Integrated emissivity table of most common materials
  • Correction by reflection temperature, distance and relative humidity
  • 3 movable cursors
  • Laser pointer (Class 2)
  • Integrated illuminator
  • Integrated visible image camera
  • Advanced analysis: Spot, Lines, Areas and Isotherms
  • Alarm thresholds on temperature

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