Oil in Water Analyzer – MS1200


The MS1200 is an on-line oil in water analyzer which provides low level measurements of Hydrocarbon, Oil and VOCs concentrations in water.


  • Monitor water abstraction points such as raw river water, boreholes and reservoir water
  • Monitoring for oil in water contamination
  • Detect VOC contamination in industrial wastewater
  • Monitor drain and stormwater systems for flammable liquids
  • Surface water systems for fuel pollution
  • Offer a monitoring solution for air, land remediation and industrial applications
  • Detect VOC breakthrough in carbon beds
  • RO membrane protection
  • Measurement of VOCs in process water

Features and Benefits

  • No sensor contact with water: low maintenance, no sensor cleaning
  • No reagents: low running costs
  • Measures both Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and VOCs
  • Electronic Nose: not affected by turbidity
  • High sensitivity: ideal for potable water
  • Can be calibrated for specific substances: used to monitor known spills
  • Catches VOC chemical spills not just hydrocarbons
  • Alarms to SCADA and other communication interfaces

The Oil in Water Analyzer to detect oil spills

Oils and hydrocarbons in general are, very often, the main components of a wide range of products, going from fuels to solvents to many of the chemicals used in the industry during their treatment processes.

In industrial production it is possible that some of these hydrocarbons, oils and solvents leak into drains, or worse, directly into the environment.

Similarly domestic and agricultural fuel storage can result in accidental spills into water courses and aquifers.

This can be a real and huge problem for water supplies and, in the worst case, threaten the water security of whole communities. Often, these accidents result into huge fines and expensive cleaning-up operations.

An Oil in Water Analyser can make the difference, by giving an early warning when a problem arises.


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