Remote Correlating noise loggers for automatic leak location Enigma3m Primayer

Key Features

  • Correlation processing for accurate leak positions
  • Daily transmission for improved efficiency and reduced leak run time
  • Simple installation – no above ground radio repeaters required
  • Data available at any location via PrimeWeb on a web browser
  • Logger GPS location stored
  • Embedded roaming SIM for optimum network communication



The Enigma3m remote correlating noise loggers utilise 3G / GPRS communications to provide remote location of leaks in water distribution networks. Enigma3m is deployed in underground chambers and requires no costly above ground technology.

Rapid leak location

The Enigma3m correlating loggers transmit daily leak noise data via the 3G or GPRS communication networks. This data is sent to a server. The data provides leak alarms and also enables the user an opportunity to listen to the noise thus helping to confirm it is leak noise. Furthermore, correlation can be performed from many loggers to accurately locate leak positions. To enable accurate correlations a daily logger time synchronisation is carried out.

Leak location results

PrimeWeb provides a database and online viewing facility for network flow, pressure and leak alarms from XiLog+ data loggers, Phocus3/3m noise loggers and Enigma3m /3hyQ correlating noise loggers. It is accessible on any device with internet access. Logger positions can be shown on Google Maps* and coded to show leak alarms. Historical data is also available. Indication of leak positions on Google Maps* together with ‘street view’ visualisation of the leak position aids management for leakage teams.

British patent number 2555053

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