SCR Electroniks Endurance Test Setup for Switches

The SCR Elektroniks 3 station Switch Endurance Test Bench is designed to verify the endurance testing of household and rocker switches as per IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669. Typical switch ratings covered are for the entire range (typically 6 – 45 A) for both 3 phase and single phase loads. The tests included (that can be customized) are as follows: 1. Normal Operation (Referred to as Cl 19.1 in IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669) 2. Making and Breaking Capacity (Referred to as Cl 18.1 in IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669) 3. Temperature Rise (Referred to as Cl 17 in IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669) 4. Fluorescent Lamp Load (Referred to as Cl 19.2 in IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669) 5. Tungsten Filament Lamp Load (Referred to as Cl 18.2 in IEC 60669, IS 3854 and BS EN 60669)


Stand-alone unit after initial configuration of test parameters: The panel is capable to generate accurate test results even after days of continuous operation with no loss of data.

Single / Three Phase operation possible

Servo controlled mechanism to control current (+/- 1%) against incoming fluctuations

CT range selection for current measurement accuracy

Load selection is selector switch based: Quick and easy

PLC based timer unit (Siemens Logo or Siemens S7 with touchscreen) for quick and easy user interface and automated operation: Easy setting of parameters such as on time, off time, no. of cycles and threshold consecutive contact weld, contact open cycles

Accurately designed iron core inductors (Optional air core inductors as per customer specifications) for circuit parameter accuracy. Specially designed fixture for safe operation with operator safety in view

Cooling shall be provided by means of optimally placed Exhaust fans distributed all over to remove the hot air generated inside the panel cabinet: This avoids change in circuit parameters as a result of over heating of loads

Ceramic core wire wound resistors with enamel coating: This ensures best quality of resistors that have a favourable resistance v/s temperature rise graph enabling operation for an elongated duration with accuracy

Temperature rise test can be integrated with the main endurance test

PC based option available: Complete PC data logging and control plus online plotting of temperature rise graphs

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