Aeroqual S300 – Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor Gas Detector

The Series 300 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a versatile gas monitor with the ability to accurately measure a range of common indoor air pollutants. Compatible with swappable sensor heads measuring up to 30 different pollutants (sensor heads available separately.) Suitable for use on a range of projects, including checking indoor air pollution “hotspots”, identifying leaks, and transboundary studies (indoor vs outdoor.)


The Series 300 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor is capable of providing accurate measurements of common indoor pollutants (along with temperature and relative humidity) using the unique sensor head format. Sensors are housed within an interchangeable cartridge (“head”) that attaches to the monitor base. Because the calibration data is stored in the sensor head, the process of swapping sensor heads is extremely quick and can be done by anyone, anywhere.

A key feature of the Series 300 gas monitor is the ability to operate in control mode. Using the 0-5V output, the Series 300 can be used to switch on or off an externally connected device or system in the presence of a predetermined level of gas. By selecting the optional wall-mount bracket and plugging in mains power the Series 300 is effectively able to act as a fixed monitor as well as a handheld portable device.

The user is able to set and adjust low and high-level alarms, triggering an audible alarm when the setpoint is reached. The user is also alerted by flashing arrows on the display. Features a long-life lithium battery and in-field zero and span calibration.

What can it measure?

The Series 300 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor is compatible with up to 30 different sensor heads, measuring a range of pollutants (including PM2.5. PM10, CO, CO2, NO2, VOC, O3, SO2, H2S and more), along with temperature and relative humidity. Measured gases are displayed in ppm or mg/m3 on the large LCD display.

This product includes:

  • Monitor base
  • LCD digital display
  • Lithium battery and charger
  • Zero and span adjustment
  • Low and high alarm
  • 0-5V output

Additional information

Weight 5000 g



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