T&R Cable Impedance Test System Z-OVR

Trusted & reliable solution for precise cable impedance measurements. Powerful system designed for both overhead lines and underground cables. Versatility and efficiency in one package.

  • Measure impedance of overhead lines and underground cables
  • Direct readout of cable Z & X
  • Phase angle display
  • Voltage up to 300V
  • Current up to 80A
  • Data storage to CSV file on USB memory key
  • Digital true RMS memory ammeter & voltmeter
  • Solid state switching
  • Rugged, compact design


The Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test System is a reliable and powerful solution for measuring cable impedance accurately, whether it’s overhead lines or underground cables. This test set comprises a control unit and an output transformer that provides isolation of the output current and feedback voltage.

With the Z-OVR, you can inject current into the line under test and measure the resultant magnitude and phase angle of the voltage across the line. This measurement method allows for the calculation of the impedance (Z & X) of the line. The system displays the current, voltage, phase angle, impedance of the line, as well as the harmonic content of the voltage and current.

The Z-OVR has data logging capabilities to save date, time, current, voltage, phase angle, and frequency to a CSV file on a standard USB memory key. Additionally, the system provides three voltage taps (75V, 150V & 300V) for measuring a wide range of lines and cables, and all metering is true RMS.

The unit features four current ranges (2.000, 10.00, 20.00 and 100.0A) and three voltage ranges (10.00V, 30.00V, and 300.0V), and uses 6mm safety connectors for all outputs and 4mm safety connectors for inputs.

The Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test System also includes four 10m 12mm2 duplex measurement cables. Each cable has a 12mm2 conductor for current injection and a 6mm2 conductor for voltage feedback.


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