T&R Dead Break Tester HVD47/2B

  • Determines whether HV systems are live or dead
  • Designed for use on capacitive test points of separable connectors
  • Up to 33kV Range and 600V Threshold
  • Automatic alarming above threshold voltage as default
  • Easy to use and Lightweight (0.6kg)
  • Fast response time , less than 1 second
  • High Impact ABS body
  • Self test facility
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • -25°C to +55°C operating temp range
  • Shock & drop resistant


The HVD47/2B Dead Break Tester has been specifically designed for use on capacitive test points of separable connectors and on insulated polymetric cables in fused cable boxes. Its primary purpose is to ensure personnel safety by verifying the de-energization of high voltage lines before work begins. This comprehensive kit, housed in a purpose-designed carry satchel, includes crucial components. The kit comprises the High Voltage Detector (HVD), 250mm long electrode extension, straight contact electrode, handle, Proving Unit, polymer cleaning kit, and an instruction manual. These components work together seamlessly to provide accurate and reliable results.

The HVD47/2B Dead Break Tester operates on battery power and utilizes an electronic contact device. It offers clear indication of the line’s status through super-bright LED lights and a high-intensity buzzer. This ensures easy detection, even in challenging conditions like bright sunlight and high background noise. With an activation very low threshold voltage set at 600V, in accordance with IEC standards, the instrument provides precise measurements. Instrument covers a voltage range up to 33kV, making it suitable for various applications. It also features a self-check function for performance verification before and after each use.

The kit features a handle that enhances manoeuvrability and promotes safety. It also comes with a straight contact electrode for versatile applications. Furthermore, a 250mm long electrode extension ensures safe distance from the voltage source during testing. For comprehensive kit verification, an external battery-operated proving unit is included. This ensures accurate results and enhances overall safety. The carry satchel offers secure storage and easy mobility, allowing for convenient transportation of the kit to different work sites.


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