T&R Discharge Probe DP20

Safely discharge high voltage cables with the DP20 Discharge Probe, a reliable accessory for T&R PT15-10S Mk2 & PT18-10 Mk2 AC test sets.

  • Earthing hook
  • 20kV Maximum discharge voltage
  • 3.6kJ Maximum discharge energy
  • 12μF Maximum discharge capacitance
  • 30kΩ Resistance
  • 530mm Length
  • 5m Earth lead length
  • 6mm² Earth lead CSA
  • Highly flexible, clear silicone covered earth cable


The DP20 Discharge Probe is specifically designed to safely discharge high voltage cables after testing. It serves as a standard accessory for the T&R PT15-10S Mk2 and PT18-10 Mk2 cable test sets, and it is also available for separate purchase. The probe consists of a pointed probe that connects to a 5m long earth lead using surge resistors. It features an insulated handle and clear silicone insulation on the earth lead, enabling easy conductor inspection. The earth lead terminates with an M6 hooked crimp.

*Note: Please ensure that you never connect this earthing probe to energized AC distribution systems.



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