T&R Discharge Probe DP5

Safely discharge high voltage cables post-testing using our DP5 Discharge Probe.

  • 5kV DC Maximum discharge voltage
  • 0.9kJ Maximum discharge energy
  • 48μF Maximum discharge capacitance
  • 10kΩ Resistance
  • 390mm Length
  • Up to 5m long Earth lead
  • 6mm² Earth lead CSA
  • Highly flexible, clear silicone covered earth cable


The DP5 Discharge Probe is a crucial tool engineered for the safe discharge of high voltage cables post-testing. Crafted with precision, it ensures operational safety with reliability and efficiency. Featuring an insulated handle, it offers enhanced safety during operation, providing a secure grip and minimizing the risk of electrical shock.

Designed for efficiency, the copper spike enables effective discharge, releasing residual energy safely. Integrated surge resistors regulate the discharge process, enhancing safety and preventing potential equipment damage.

With clear silicone insulation, the earth lead facilitates easy conductor inspection and optimal performance. Terminating with a crocodile clip, it ensures secure attachment and reliable connection to earth points. The lead length can be customized, with standard options including 2m and 5m.

Ideal for various testing environments, the DP5 finds application in electrical testing laboratories, power distribution centers, and industrial settings. However, it’s crucial to never connect this probe to energized AC distribution systems. Always adhere to safety protocols and guidelines, providing proper training and supervision for personnel handling high voltage equipment.



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