T&R High Voltage AC Test System KV100-100 MK3

  • 0-100kV output voltage
  • 10kVA output capability
  • Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip ~10-100% of rated output
  • Voltage and current metering
  • External 24Vac interlock circuit
  • Zero-volt interlock
  • Visual indication of test piece failure


The KV100-100 MK3 Test System serves as a high power, high voltage AC test set designed specifically for insulation testing. This system caters equally to both the development and routine testing of electrical insulation systems and plant.

The equipment comprises a control unit and a separate oil-filled high voltage transformer, which are connected by 5-meter supply and control cables. The control unit incorporates a comprehensive range of facilities for control, metering, and protection. As a standard feature, the system includes secondary tap metering to ensure accurate voltage measurement. The output voltage and current are visibly displayed on large, linear analog instruments. Additionally, a variable electronic trip allows users to set the trip current within the range of 10% to 110% of the rated output.

For mobility, the high voltage transformer is housed within an oil-filled steel tank equipped with swivel castors. The HV output utilizes a low-discharge oil-filled bushing. Notably, the KV100-100 MK3 Test System is equally adept at testing capacitive, resistive, and inductive test objects.

To safeguard the units’ output, variable electronic trips diligently monitor the output current, supplemented by a fixed over-current trip on the primary side of the output transformer. The adjustable trip feature permits fine-tuning in 10% increments between 10% and 110% of the rated output current. Moreover, fuses provide protection for the input and control supplies. Notably, an earth terminal is present on the transformer, necessitating connection to a low impedance local earth.


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