T&R High Voltage DC Test PT15-10S MK2

High-performance PT15-10S Mk2 DC Test Set: variable output up to 15kV DC, automatic load discharge, and reliable measurements for accurate testing

  • 0 to 15kVdc output voltage
  • 10mA output capability
  • Both voltage and current metered on HV output
  • Automatic earth system for dumping capacitive loads
  • HV output plug & socket
  • Key operated supply switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • Zero-volt interlock
  • Visual indication of test piece failure
  • Compact unit with lightweight insulated case


The PT15-10S Mk2 Test Set provides a variable output of zero to 15kV DC with a maximum charging capability of 10mA. It includes a zero-volt interlock that prevents the output from being switched on unless the output control is at zero. An automatic load discharge system is integrated, discharging the cable under test when the output is switched off or a breakdown occurs.

The internal dumping system has a maximum discharge capacity of 1.25kJ, which corresponds to 7.5μF at 15kV. The PT15-10S Mk2 DC Test Set comes with a standard DP20 discharge probe. This allows for discharging cables with a capacitance of up to 12μΩ at 15kV.

The equipment operates on a supply voltage of 240/115V, single phase, 50/60Hz. Each input can tolerate the following voltage variation:

– 240V ± 10%
– 115V +10% and -6%

In case of a test object failure, the overload circuit automatically cuts off the output voltage and grounds the output through the internal discharge circuit.

The output voltage is measured using a large, linear, analogue instrument marked 0-15kV. The current in the test object is metered by a second analogue instrument with a 0-10 scale. The meter directly displays 0-10mA, or 0-1mA when the ÷10 push button is pressed. An overload of 12-15mA triggers a fast-acting magnetic overload relay that controls an output contactor.

The HV output of the unit utilizes a high-quality plug and socket system, facilitating easy cable replacement. A plastic cover protects the plug during transit, attached to the output cable with a thick nylon cord. The plugs are fully detachable, allowing for convenient re-termination on-site if needed.


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