T&R Live Line Indicator LLI-1500DC

  • Can be used on DC high voltage overhead lines up to 1500V DC
  • Earth lead and clamp attached to long-length handle
  • Red LED indicators when voltage is detected
  • Loud 70dB alarm when voltage is detected
  • Audible indication: Buzzer, 3.1 kHz tone, modulated @ 2Hz
  • Can be used on third rail installations
  • Battery check function
  • Standard Threshold: 500V DC
  • Resistor Chain: 3MΩ
  • Operating time: 5 minutes nominal


The LLI-1500DC Live Line Indicator is a sophisticated, battery-operated electronic unit specifically engineered for precise testing of DC systems up to 1500V, particularly in the context of Mass Transit Railway (Metro) and Tram models. It serves as a critical tool to ensure optimal safety during maintenance or installation procedures.

The kit includes:

  • DC Live Line Indicator with earth lead & clamp
  • Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor
  • Universal Star-wheel Adaptor
  • Hook, Y, and straight electrode
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction manual
  • Carry Satchel

While primarily intended for overhead catenaries, the versatile LLI-1500DC can also be effectively utilized in “third rail” installations. Its primary purpose is to verify system de-energization, allowing for secure earthing and instilling confidence in both maintenance personnel and system security.

The instrument provides visual (flashing red LEDs) and audible (70 dB) alarms for live conductor indication during testing. It has a threshold setting of approximately 33% of the system voltage.

The unit features a test button. Pressing it activates the alarms, and releasing it changes the red LEDs to green for 5 minutes. If the threshold is exceeded, the warning alarms reactivate. The test button also performs a battery check.

A universal “star wheel” adaptor connects to various operating poles. Different clamps are available for different earthing systems, such as buried rail.

Selecting the LLI-1500DC Live Line Indicator ensures meticulous testing procedures and an elevated level of safety. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, this cutting-edge instrument functions optimally within an operating temperature range of -5°C to +50°C. Its remarkable immunity to interference fields and inclusion of a handguard with a viewing window further underscore its commitment to user safety.


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