T&R Primary Current Injection CU-Ps

The CU-Ps primary current injection test set provides high current capabilities for commissioning and maintenance testing. Flexible, reliable, and efficient.

  • 20kVA 5 minutes output capability (higher overload currents for 1s)
  • Multi-function digital timing system
  • 5000A and 6000A loading units
  • Separate control and loading units
  • Secondary injection up to 100A
  • Direct reading CT ratio and polarity
  • True RMS metering with 1 cycle capture
  • Data storage to USB memory key including waveform & harmonics
  • USB keyboard interface


Introducing the CU-Ps Primary Current Injection Test System, an exceptional solution for high-current commissioning and maintenance testing. This system offers unmatched flexibility with separate control and loading units. The control unit, housing all control and metering circuitry, seamlessly connects to the loading unit through dedicated cables.

Choose between two loading units, delivering 5000A or 6000A for 5 minutes, or up to 10 or 12kA for brief intervals. Each loading unit has two outputs, allowing for convenient series or parallel connections. For example, the PLU-6k configuration achieves 3000A at 6.6V or 6000A at 3.3V.

Both the control and loading units feature rugged steel cases with castors and lifting handles, designed for durability in demanding environments. The compact design of the loading units allows for close positioning to the test object, minimizing power requirements.

The 20kVA-rated control unit offers advanced digital metering with a memory function for accurate readings. The system automatically shuts off the current when the device under test trips. For precise timing, the CU-Ps systems incorporate a high-accuracy timing system with 1ms resolution. The front panel provides clear status indications for contacts, and timing modes cater to various devices.

A true RMS memory ammeter with a liquid crystal display accurately measures AC output current. The current metering offers multiple ranges, including 10%, 50%, and 100% of the maximum rating. Additionally, the pulse mode enables a 200% metering range for specific settings.

The CU-Ps systems feature a flexible timing system with two contact inputs and five operating modes. LED indicators clearly display the status of each contact input, and the timing channels can be triggered by a DC voltage. The maximum attainable current depends on the impedance of the test object and output leads.

Effortlessly store test results using the included USB memory key. The system has a real-time clock for accurate time and date stamping. By entering comments with the optional keyboard and selecting AUTO STORE, essential parameters are automatically added to a spreadsheet file on the USB key. Access and review results on the display or connect the USB key to a PC for further analysis.

The CU-Ps Primary Current Injection Test System and loading units comply with strict safety standards. Equipped with electronic trips, circuit breakers, fuses, and thermal protection, this system ensures safety and reliability. It proudly bears the UKCA mark and meets the requirements of BS EN61010.


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