ARCBRO – Cruiser

ARCBRO Cruiser HD Portable CNC Cutter

The ARCBRO Light Cruiser series is the special design for the high definition plasma power source, he use the new revolution design for the rack and pinion, also with the new triangle single arm design , the cutting precise can reach 0.02MM! !

  • Use the RPS clean rack-pinion linear, the precise can reach 0.02MM.
  • Y-axis swing arm for easy transport and save space when the machine is not used.
  • Plug and play for the whole machine, we have made the machine in the perfect situation before leaving our factory, no need assemble and no need re-adjust.
  • Not only support the common air plasma power source, but also support the high definition plasma source, like the Max Pro series or HPR series.
  • The new High speed THC is equipped; it is heavy duty, also favorable for the bigger plasma torch.
  • The operation is friendly.
  • Using the dual screw guiders to make the THC more precise.
  • Using the high precise rail and guider to keep the machine run best.
  • The servomotor and driver, make a closed loop circuit.
  • Fiber Laser cutting available(optional)
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Input Voltage 110V/220V
Frequency 50Hz
Input Power 1000W
Didplay 7″ LCD
Rated Power 350W
Effective Cutting Range X-Axis: 1.2m, 1.3m, 1.5m,

Y-Axis: 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 6.0m

Max Speed 25,000 mm/min
Moving Speed Plasma Cutting: 0~8,000mm/min
Cutting Thickness Plasma Cutting: 0.5~36mm
Total Machine Weight 300KG, 350KG, 400KG, 450Kg
Mode Of Cutting Plasma For High Definition
Cutting Software FastCam/MTC/SI Standard Version
Accuracy 0.02mm