ARCBRO – Ironhide GT

The Heavy Duty Bench CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • The ArcBro-IronHide GT supports plasma only
  • The ArcBro-IronHide GT standard cutting area is 1,300X2,500mm or 1,500X3,000mm
  • Panasonic Servo Motor Matching
  • Small kerf, precise cutting, no cutting residue avoiding complementary reworking
  • Heavy Plasma power source favorable
  • Thermadyne auto Height controller on Z axis
  • Cutting More than 25MM Plate Best Choice
  • Support Hypertherm HPR series plasma power source.
Need more information?

Please contact +6221-5467618, +6221-54212399 or email [email protected]


Power 8.5KW~10.5KW
Input Voltage Three Phase 380V/220V
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Cutting Speed 0~15,000mm/min
Cutting Thickness 0.3mm~40mm or more, Due to your Plasma Power Source
Effective Cutting Range 2500mm x 1300mm or 3000mm x 1500mm
Program Transmission USB