ARCBRO – Battleship

Portable gantry cutting machine, battleship uses Whole aluminum structure, it is not only light and stable, assembly easy!

  • The ArcBro-Battleship standard cutting area is 2,000×3,000mm
  • Max cutting area can reach 3,000×15,000mm
  • Available Cutting Width Standard 1,800mm(2,000mm / 2,500mm / 3,000mm)
  • Stepper cutting system(only)
  • The Body structure using 40×40mm aluminum
  • The cross beam structure using 40×40mm aluminum
  • The width of the machine car rail 320mm
  • The rack update 10mm×10mm 1.0
  • The guider of the machine is duo steel stick
  • The motor driver is stepper
  • The THC is the common style of the scout series

ArcBro Battleship integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features :

  • High Memory for Users’ Programs
  • 7.0 inch Colorful Screen, high resolution
  • Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
  • Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
  • Returning to Reference Point
  • Kerf compensation
  • Revolving
  • Mirror image
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Model BattleShip Series
Machine Body Type 1800 2500 3500
Transverse Bar Length 2,500mm 3,200mm 4,200mm
Effective Cutting Width 1,800mm 2,500mm 3,500mm
Longitudinal Rail Length 3,500mm ; 4,500mm ; 5,500mm selectable
Effective Cutting Length 3,000mm ; 3,000mm ; 5,000mm selectable
Rapid Speed 15,000mm/min Servo ; or 8,000mm/min Stepper
Cutting Speed 0~600mm/min(Flame); 0~8,000mm/min(Plasma)
Supply Voltage Single Phase 110V or 220V selectable by internal switch
Gas Cutting Gas Cutting Torch 1 set with motorized torch riser or capacitive sensor(THC)
Cutting Thickness Max. cutting thickness is subject to cutting tip size
Plasma Cutting Torch Holder 1 set of automatic torch controller
AVC Arc voltage torch height control
Plasma Cable Hold 1 set of bridge type plasma cable hold arc