ARCBRO – Thunder X

  • Thunder X follows “Fast installation” conception, easy to installation and adjust, help you save assembly time.
  • Equipped with flame and plasma two cutting torch, which mode you need, just use it instantly, high efficiency.
  • Capacitive THC and ARC voltage THC mix structure, with water cooling system, because of this, can cut 0.3 mm thin plate and 30mm thick plate both.
  • Each cutting torch has 8 wheels to fix on the strengthen crossbeam, won’t shake during work.
  • Powerful motor drive, improve machine performance.
  • Use big V-linear shafting guiding rail, absolutely firmly,long time lifespan under the hard working environment.
  • High definition THC can be equipped with Hypertherm Maxpro or HPR series plasma source.
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Input Voltage 220V/110V (single phase)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Screen Size 7″ colorful LCD
Cutting Size Length: 3,000mm (3,000mm extension, max 15,000mm)
Cutting with: 2,000mm, 2,500mm
Cutting Torch One set plasma torch, one set flame torch
Cutting Speed 0~12,000mm/min Max 24,000mm/min
Cutting Precision 0.2mm
Cutting Thickness Flame: 0~250mm
Plasma: Up to your plasma
Drive Mode Dual drive
Drive Motor Encoder motor
THC Capacitance/ARC
Software ARCBRO Cutting Software