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Bosch tools – Marble Saw GDM 121

  • Best combination of power and weight marble cutter in its class with mass MPP price.
  • Powerful motor for tough applications
  • Good dust insulation to keep the powerful motor for reliable life time
  • Light weight thanks to ergonomic design
  • Comfortable handling
  • 1300 W powerful motor for high overload capacity and super durability
  • Durable ball-bearing construction for longer lifetime
  • High speed for efficient working
  • Ergonomic Handle for continuous work, easy and comfortable to press
  • Strong Flange for long time use, and low cost to replace
  • New guard design which makes the tool look robust and small
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Specification overview
Rated power input 1,250 W
No-load Speed 14,500 rpm
Saw blade bore 20 mm
Saw blade diameter 110 mm
Cable length 2.1 m
Length 225 mm
Width 210 mm
Height 160 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Cutting depth
Cutting depth (90°) 34 mm