Geotech’s portable and lightweight G210 has been developed to measure piped hospital gas and leak detection in hospitals.


  • Measures 0-100% N2O
  • Measures 0-2000ppm CO2
  • Optional: 0-100% O2; 0-500ppm CO
  • User alarms


  1. Easy user calibration
  2. Quick verification of gas quality – 4 gases measured in one analyser
  3. Enables user to enter specific site and IDs for monitoring points
  4. Identifies contaminants CO and CO2
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Technical Specifications

Battery type Li Ion
Battery life 12 hours (10 hours with pump)
Battery lifetime 600 cycles
Battery charger 5v DC external power supply and internal charging circuit
Charge time 4 hours
Alternative power 5Vdc power supply
Gases measured N2O By custom dual wavelength infrared cell
CO2 By custom dual wavelength infrared cell
O2 (optional) By internal electrochemical cell
CO (optional) By internal electrochemical cell
Oxygen cell lifetime Approximately 3 years in air
CO cell lifetime Approximately 2 years in air
Range N2O 0 – 100%
CO2 0 – 2000ppm
O2 0 – 100%
CO 0 – 500ppm
Measurement accuracy* N2O ± 1% of range after calibration
CO2 ± 3% of range after calibration
O2 ± 0.5% of range after calibration
CO ± 2ppm for 0 – 20ppm after calibration

± 5% of range from 21 – 500ppm after calibration

Response time T90 N2O ≤ 20 seconds
CO2 ≤ 20 seconds
O2 ≤ 60 seconds
CO ≤ 60 seconds
* plus accuracy of calibration gas used
Visual and audible alarm User selectable N2O, CO, CO2 and O2 alarm levels
Communications USB type B mini-connector, HID device class
Data storage 1000 reading sets plus 270 events

50 site IDs and 300 sample point IDs