GFUVE – TEST-630 Six Phase Relay Test Set 6U 6I

Test-630 is a six phase current output and six phase voltage output protection relay tester with 5.Eight pairs of binary input and four pairs of binary output

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  • Integration in the host crystal 8.4 inches true color, light weight and easy to carry.
  • Built-in high-speed and high-performance industrial computer embedded operating system, running stable and reliable, also can test by connecting PC.
  • Panel embedded user-friendly buttons, and the panel can also be an external keyboard and mouse.
  • High-precision DAC to 12 Road, simultaneously output to ensure the high precision and good linearity of the waveform.
  • 5Matching electromagnetic compatibility components, can improve on-site anti-electromagnetic interference, protection devices can connect the electromagnetic compatibility to test.
  • Analog output of the front panel, switch the amount of terminal design in the upper cover, all the wiring does not affect the operation of the panels and the test parameters of the surveillance.
  • The latest thermal structure design to ensure the best ventilation. Automatically determine over current, over voltage, overload and short circuit, if the temperature is too high, the anomalies and misuse warning of the data will show up promptly.
  • Using voltage, current amplifier AC / DC sharing, output stage uses a unique ultra-linear amplifier technology, high precision and reliability. six-phase AC output voltage and six-phase AC current.
  • 12 analog ports and other optional auxiliary DC source output (220V/110V).
  • Interface: RJ45 (Ethernet interface), USB interface (software upgrades, reporting transmission), industrial serial interface (GPS or other serial device use).
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  • Six-channel current output
  • Six-channel voltage output
  • Eight pairs of binary input
  • Four pairs of binary output


  • Host real-time operating system, fast response, when faced with an emergency situation, can better protect the instruments and equipment under test. Safe and reliable, not easy to be violated by a computer virus.
  • The newly designed software interface style, the host machine operation is fully consistent with the background and easy to use.
  • Extensive testing capabilities: the state sequence will be determined to meet the needs of various types of user for testing microprocessor-based protection relay in the trial, IT features analog oscillation, the entire group of tests, differential protection, harmonic superposition, low cycle load shedding, same equipment, measuring instruments, GPS synchronized debugging, fault playback, and custom test (special tests), etc. It can easily complete the protective device test of ABB, Siemens, AREVA and other foreign manufacturers.
  • The test report can be easily derived from the USB port to print.


  • U/I Test
  • DC Test
  • Impedance Characteristics
  • Power Direction Test
  • I-T Test
  • Differential Relay
  • Harmonic Test
  • Differential Protection
  • Distance Protection
  • Zero Sequence Protection
  • Setting Group Test
  • State Sequence
  • Synchronization Test
  • Special Test
  • Oscillation Test
  • Metering Instrument
  • Hardware Checkout
  • Low Voltage Protection