GIGASENSE – Wireless Loadlink

This wireless load link is designed to be light, accurate and easy to handle. It is supplied with a handheld monitor/indicator unit, calibration certificate, manual and a plastic carrying case.

Use this load link with shackles only.

Both the load cell and the hand held unit are self contained, battery powered, why no cables are needed.

The material is lightweight aerospace alloy. The accuracy is better than 0,5% of full scale load. The readout monitor instrument is hermetically sealed for use in wet conditions.

Many load cells can be connected to one – in this case a special – hand held readout device, useful in for example the application of container lifting.

Need more information?

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SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply (Load Cell) 2 x AAA Alkaline (1.5V)
Power Supply (Indicator) 2 x AA Alkaline (1.5V)
Supply Current 35mA (Typical)
Low Battery Condition <2.4Vdc
Load Cell Battery Life 40-50 Hours Approx.
Data rate 250 Kbits/Sec
Display Type LCD 12.7mm Characters
Display Update Rate 330mS
Zero Tempco 0.2μV/ ºC Typical
Span Tempco <30ppm/ºC
Accuracy 0.5% of Full Scale
Operating Temperature -20 to +60ºC
Environmental Sealing Radio Frequency