GIGASENSE – Crane Weigher (Scale)

The PIAB Crane Weigher is a high accuracy all- weather instrument for force measurement in aggressive environment. The PIAB Crane Weigher is suitable both for in- and outdoor usage. Supply your PIAB Crane Weigher with PIAB Remote Read-Out Instruments for convenient display.

PIAB Crane Weigher function

The pull rod operates the pointer through a spring loaded floating transmission mechanism. This allows the PIAB Crane Weigher to withstand very severe shock loads and rapid unloading. The power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville type spring washers, so designed as to be entirely free from wear. The spring washers cannot be overloaded.

PIAB Crane Weigher safety

The PIAB Crane Weigher safety factor is 5:1; it is guaranteed to withstand a load of 5 times full scale reading before rupture. The resistance to rupture is tested by the National Swedish Institute for Materials Testing. The PIAB Crane Weighers, types WA-WG have drop-forged steel eye brackets (SIS 2174 St 52-3N acc. to DIN 17100, 50 D acc. to BS 4360); giving a guaranteed impact resistance to -4F (-20C).The O-ring of the pull rod is protected by a neoprene rubber membrane. On instantaneous unloading, e.g. breaking test, the return movement of the pull rod is retarded by a specially made spring washer. The PIAB Crane Weigher is approved by the National Swedish Board of Occupational Safety and Health for integral connection in the carrying system of a lifting device and for weighing of test loads in connection with inspection.

PIAB Crane Weigher contact function

The PIAB Crane Weigher can be equipped with a built-on adjustable contact head. Using a micro switch. which is directly influenced by the pull rod, the PIAB Crane Weigher gives an electrical contact function at a previously set value. The contact head is built-on as an extension of the PIAB Crane Weigher. For the types WA-WO the extension is about 3.15/16″ (100 mm), for WQ about 4.1/3″ (110 mm), for WS about 3.5/64″ (78 mm) and for the types WU-WE about 3.35/64″ (95 mm). The PIAB Crane Weighers types WA-WO can be equipped with up to two micro switches and types WQ-WE with up to five micro switches. The electrical connections are made in the terminal box to a numbered connection block.

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  • The PIAB Crane Weigher is manufactured for capacities from 500 kg up to 50 ton.
  • Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Large scale 295 mm with maximum pointer, which makes the PIAB Crane Weigher exceptionally well suited for measurements in rupture tests.
  • Totally pressure tight and each instrument is pressure tested. No leakage is permitted!
  • Available in different graduations:
  • kg, kN, daN, lb etc.
  • The PIAB Crane Weigher can be equipped for remote reading or contact functions (micro switches).
  • Maintenance free!