Digital integrating sound level meters Class 1.

HT155 is mobile integrating sound level meters Type (Class 1) which can be used to monitor the equivalent level of nose (Leq), measure Peak values, check soundproofing levels, acoustic pollution, etc.

Ii is also indicated for certification according to the Leg. Decrees currently in force as regards environmental noise measurements and in working environments. These devices have a wide measuring range (from 25 to 140dB) and multiple functions such as statistic analysis, 24H analysis, integration of Leq over time, which are indispensable elements when measuring. These models also allows carrying out detailed analyses of spectrum components of noise using integrated octave-band filters and 1/3 octave-band filters (only HT157) and they are provided with an internal memory to save data and with a USB interface for transferring data to the PC through dedicated software in a Windows environment with possibility of numerical, graphic and statistic display. Sound level meters ape provided with a practical and resistant case with a mobile calibrator for preliminary checks before each measurement is carried out.

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Device category (Class) Class 1
Noise measuring range 25 ÷ 140dB
Noise measurement resolution 0.1dB
Frequency range 10kHz ÷ 20kHz
Dynamic range 90dB
Measurement of sound pressure level (SPL)
Measurement of equivalent noise levels (Leq)
Frequency weighting A/C/Z
Integration over time Fast/Slow/Impulse
Integration with programmable period
Peak measurements (Peak-, Peak+)
Display of MAX/MIN values of SPL
Statistic analysis of noise with “A” weighting
SPL analysis in 24H
Provided mobile calibrator Class 1
Manual calibration with trimmer
Precise calibration with internal procedure
Pre-polarized “1/2” condenser microphone
AC and DC analogue outputs with 3.5mm jack Only AC
Internal memory for data saving 128
Recalling of results on the display
Mini-USB interface for PC connection
Windows software for saved data analysis
Display LCD 240 x 160
Display backlight
Power supply 4x 1.5V AA
Provided external power supply
Reference standards IEC61672 Class 1
Size (LxWxH) (mm) 285 x 90 x 39
Weight in grams (batteries included) 500