HT Italia – HT 38

HT38 is essential to identify the circuit breaker protecting a given socket on a panel board without having to dissect it.

HT38 includes a signal generator (HT38T) to be connected to the socket under test and a signal receiver (HT38R) capable of  “exploring” all RCCBs of the panel board.

Q: Why getting HT38?
R: Because it permits to detect the RCCB of the line without having to dissect it. Q: Should the receiver be brought into contact with the RCCB’s terminals?
R: No, you just need to put the receiver HT38R on the RCCB’s casing to detect the signal generated by the transmitter HT38T

Q: Which is the maximum distance between a socket and the corresponding RCCB to be detected? R: The maximum distance between HT38T (connected to the above said socket) and HT38R is 500m (on networks with rated voltage of  230V L , N)

Q: According which principle does the instrument work? R: The instrument works according to PLT principle. HT38T releases a signal  into  the cable under  voltage which can be identified  by the receiver HT38R.

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Circuit breaker localization
LED and sound indications
Protection category CAT III 250V
Power supply 200÷250VAC – 50Hz / 1X 9V
Weight in grams (batteries included) 140
Size (L x W x H) 95x60x30
  •  IEC/EN 61010-1
  •  EMC: IEC/EN61326
  •  CE MARK