PRIMAYER – PrimeFlo3

Ultrasonic flowmeter with 3G/GPRS communications and long battery life. Flowmeter solution for long term installation on water networks where permanent flowmeters are not available.  This ultrasonic water flowmeter offers remote communications via 3G or GPRS or integral pressure measurement to allow constant efficient water management.


  • Network flow and pressure surveys
  • Calibration of network models
  • Sectorisation / DMA set-up
  • Minimum night-flow measurement
  • Water balance
  • Verification of existing fixed meters

Adaptable for all types of pipe

This ultrasonic water flowmeter offers maximum flexibility for all deployments.  It totally non-invasive which ensures no loss of water supply during periods of monitoring. This gives the following advantages;

  • No head loss
  • No water contact
  • No contamination
  • No process shut-down

Online data availability

Primeflo3 data can be managed using the PrimeWorks water data management software. Data is also available via the PrimeWeb on-line network monitoring facility giving remote access to observe changes in network conditions, water usage, nightlines, etc.

How does it work?

Transit time technology uses the principle that ultrasonic waves travelling in the direction of water flow move faster than those travelling against the water flow. The resultant difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow velocity. The PrimeFlo3 is supplied complete and ready for measurements on all types of metal, concrete and plastic pipes.

Need more information?

Please contact +6221-5467618, +6221-54212399 or email [email protected]


  • Non-invasive flow measurement on pipe sizes 25 – 2500mm (one pair of sensors only)
  • Integral pressure transducer
  • Remote communications via 3G or GPRS
  • Daily on-line data availability via PrimeWeb
  • Step testing mode
  • Long battery life (6 months internal battery and two years external, under defined conditions)
  • Rugged to IP67 (lid closed) & IP68 sensors
  • Integral pipe wall thickness gauge option