PRIMAYER – Xstream

Xstream streams live data via GPRS to many internet based devices. The ability to view live data allows users to be proactive in monitoring the water network’s response to current operational events.

Step Testing

Utilsing Xstream can reduce leakage directions times and thus costs. The Xstream is connected to a zone inlet meter and sections of the zone are  systematically isolated by shutting valves.  A drop in flow occurs after each valve shut which causes the largest fall in flow provides a sign that leakage is occurring in that area of the zone.

Need more information?

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  • Real-time flow + pressure data viewed remotely on internet browser
  • Single user operation
  • No radio range restrictions
  • Compatible with all common flow meters
  • GPRS signal test facility
  • Use with PrimeFlo where no flow meter exists
  • Annotate valve closure and other operations on graph