SAPHYMO – SaphyGate GN

For more than 30 years, Saphymo has been a pioneer in the design of SNM portal monitor

For more than 30 years, Saphymo has been a pioneer in the design of SNM portal monitor: initially to prevent nuclear material to leave nuclear facilities such as nuclear research centers and fuel plants, then from the early 2000 adapting to the new challenge of illicit trafficking.

Until the recent years, most SNM portal monitor technologies were relying on He-3 tube for neutron detection, but due to the sharp price increase of such gas, this technology has become too expensive for most customers.

Saphymo is proud to introduce the new SaphyGate GN SNM portal monitor, the first SNM portal Monitor based on plastic scintillation detector technology, able to meet the challenge of a highly effective gamma – neutron discrimination while providing high gamma and neutron sensitivity in line with international standards.

  • Sensitive and accurate :
    Improved technology for gamma & neutron detection with standard plastic scintillator
  • Background noise shielding automatically taken into account
  • 100 ms fast and real-time count rate analysis during measurement
    CEA License
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Radiation type : X, Gamma and neutron
Detector type : DSPGN4 : High-sensitivity plastic scintillator
Detector size : 10 x 40 x 100 cm
Response time : <1 second
Alarm : Sound and visual
Memorization : locally on the processing unit or the supervision software
Background compensation : Remote maintenance