Sterlingsensor – NTC Thermistor Ring Lug Sensor

NTC Thermistor Ring Lug Sensor

A Precision NTC thermistor temperature sensor with ring terminal lug and flexible lead wire for surface mounting applications.

A Precision NTC Thermistor Ring Lug Sensor for surface mounting applications.

This range of temperature sensors is made with tin plated copper ring lug terminals for easy and secure surface mounting, available as standard for use with M4 & M6 studs. It has fast response and an interchangeable 10k thermistor element with excellent long term stability and accuracy.

These temperature sensors can be bespoke manufactured with many options for terminal sizes, lead wires and thermistor elements also available in 2.252k, 5k, 30k, 50k & 100kΩ

NTC Thermistor Ring Lug Sensor Features

  • 10kΩ NTC Thermistor
  • 0.2°C Accuracy
  • M4 & M6 Ring Lug Terminals
  • 1 Metre PFA flexible lead


  • Electric Motors
  • HVAC Systems
  • Volume OEM Production
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Product Ring Lug NTC Thermistor Sensor
Type (R250) 10k NTC Thermistor
Temp Range -50 to 150°C
Beta (B25/85) 3977Ω
Accuracy ±0.2K (over 0-70°C)
Terminal To suit M4 & M6 studs
Material Tin plated copper
Lead Wires 1metre PFA insulated
Termination Stripped tails
Part Number NFLUG