Powered by rechargeable batteries, the system integrates GPS technology to provide an accurate location, date and time stamp for every test result.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, the system integrates GPS technology to provide an accurate location, date and time stamp for every test result.

The BGCMAP system glossary has been designed specifically for the power line industry and can be classified in terms of structure, component, line, segment, circuit and street. The user is also able to enter details of the inspector as well as soil and weather conditions.

The unit will automatically apply a current to the structure and determine Ecorr, from which the operator can then choose the best fit line to measure

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BGCMAP system specifications  
BGCMAP system specifications  Features undefined

Rugged site logger with waterproof connectors
Daylight viewable screen
Tactile large keys for operating with gloves
Low power with long battery life
Flash memory for instant start up and power down
On site LPR measurement
GPS tagged test data

BGCMAP system specifications  Keypad undefinedSealed colour coded and full alphanumeric keypad, tactile and audio feedback
BGCMAP system specifications  Operating temperature  undefined0 to +50°C
BGCMAP system specifications  Screen undefinedMonochrome LCD transflective with backlight
Contrast keypad adjustable
Display area 122mm x 77mm
Protective anti-reflective glass
BGCMAP system specifications  Connectors undefinedUniquely configured waterproof lemo type
BGCMAP system specifications  Acquisition undefined2 channel, 16 bit acquisition at 10Khz sample rate
Pre-trigger on both channels
BGCMAP system specifications  Data transfer undefinedUSB-PC cable
BGCMAP system specifications  Storage undefined700+ results, including full LPR curve, ECorr, Rp with full header information including site, structure, line, segment, weather, soil condition, date,  time, latitude and longitude
BGCMAP system specifications  Voltage range undefinedECorr +/- 20mV
BGCMAP system specifications  Current range undefinedAuto
BGCMAP system specifications  GPS undefinedTrimble Lassen SQ module with integral embedded antenna
Protocols are TSIP and NMEA 0183
Accuracy of the GPS is – 
Horizontal: Altitude: 
BGCMAP system specifications  Power undefinedBattery: 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA cells
Auto power off and battery indicator
BGCMAP system specifications  Battery life undefined8 hours + operation on full charge
BGCMAP system specifications  Charge time undefinedApprox 6 hours
BGCMAP system specifications  Charging undefinedExternal wall plug-in charger for 100/110/250VAC inputs (trickle charge)
External cigar plug-in charger for 12VDC inputs (fast charge)
BGCMAP system specifications  Dimensions undefinedL 218mm x W 187mm x D 55mm
BGCMAP system specifications  Weight undefined1.35Kg
Half-cell sensor
BGCMAP system specifications  Type undefinedCommercial CuCuSO4 half-cell fitted with porous ceramic plug and supplied ready filled with crystals