TIME ELECTRONICS – 5051+Multifunction Calibration System

The 5051Plus combines a precision multifunction calibrator, 6½ digit multimeter, and industrial touch screen PC.

Calibrator / DMM / Touch Screen PC
The 5051Plus combines a precision multifunction calibrator, 6½ digit multimeter, and industrial touch screen PC. Offering high performance calibration and maximum functionality, it provides the foundation for an efficient calibration program. By integrating the calibrator, DMM and PC in one unit minimal bench space is used in the laboratory. This is also beneficial for field calibration work as the 5051Plus replaces the need for transporting several instruments.

The standard unit is fitted with AC/DC voltage to 1050V, AC/DC current to 22A, variable resistance to 120MO, decade resistance to 1GO, capacitance and inductance, conductance, thermocouple simulation and oscilloscope calibration. Also supplied is a clamp meter adaptor for clamp calibration up to 1100A, and test lead set to provide the neccessary connections for nearly all applications. Further enhancements can be made by optional adaptors and accompanying benchtop instruments. Both manual control and EasyCal software control is available.

Digital Multimeter
The internal 6½ digit multimeter measures DC voltages to 1000V, AC voltages to 750V, resistance to 100MO, and frequency to 300kHz.
Operation can be performed using the manual control program or EasyCal software.

Touch Screen PC
The 5051+ features an integral control centre that is a PC with a 64 bit dual core processor, running Windows 8.1. The calibrator and DMM control programs allows the wide range of functions to be easily selected using mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. As a complete workstation the 5051Plus is supplied with printer and connectivity kit for producing certificates and reports, as well as a label printer and barcode reader.

Multi Instrument Calibration
The 5051Plus can calibrate multimeters, frequency meters, ohm meters, AC/DC millivoltmeters, decade boxes, thermocouple indicators and sensors, clamp meters, tacho meters, oscilloscopes, timer counters, RTDs and much more. Accompanying instruments and adaptors can be added for power supplies, pressure devices, and more.

EasyCal Software – Manage, Automate and Optimise the Calibration Process
The 5051Plus comes pre-loaded with Time Electronics’ EasyCal software. Automate the calibration process and increase speed of calibration and consistency of results. Easily produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and other international quality standards. Data can be transferred to desktop PCs/servers using USB memory or connected to a LAN via the ethernet connection located on the rear of the unit.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Features Calibrator
Function Range Best 1 year Specification
Voltage DC 0 to ± 1050V ± 15ppm of setting
Current DC 0 to ± 22A ± 80ppm of setting
Voltage AC 1mV to 1050V (10Hz to 1MHz, sine-wave) ± 300ppm of setting
Current AC 10μA to 22A (20Hz to 1kHz, sine-wave) ± 0.05% of setting
Clamp Meter Adaptor x50 turn AC/DC Current up to 1100A (DC, 45 to 90Hz) ± 0.5%
Capacitance 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1μF, 10μF, 100μF (100V max) ± 0.25% of setting
Inductance 1mH, 1.9mH, 5mH, 10mH, 19mH, 50mH, 100mH, 190mH, 500mH, 1H, 10H ± 0.1% of setting
Decade Resistance 1Ω to 1GΩ (decade values) ± 20ppm of setting
Full Range Resistance 1Ω to 120MΩ variable ± 100ppm of setting
Conductance 1s to 1ns (Fixed values, decade steps) ± 20ppm of setting
Thermocouple Simulation -270 to 1800°C (Type J, K, R, T, S, B, E, N) ± 0.15°C
PT100 Simulation -180 to 850°C ± 0.2°C
Oscilloscope Calibration
– Amplitude
– Frequency/Period
– Duty Cycle
– Fast-Rise
– 2.2GHz Sweep (opt 9769)
6mV to 200V and 6mV to 2V 50Ω (square-wave or DC)
0.1Hz to 100MHz / 10ns to 10s (fixed values 1, 2, 5 sequence)
3 frequencies: 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, settable from 0 to 100%
<400ps. Bandwidth checking up to 400MHz
100MHz to 2.2GHz levelled sine-wave (0.5, 1, 1.5V pk-pk)
± 0.05%
± 0.1ppm (± 20ppm: 20-100MHz)–

Amplitude ± 1%, Freq ± 20ppm


Standard Features Internal DMM 6.5 Digit
Function Range Best 1 year Specification
Voltage DC 0 to 1000V 35ppm of rdg + 6ppm of rng
Current DC 0 to 3A 500ppm of rdg + 50ppm of rng
Voltage AC 0 to 750V 0.06% of rdg + 0.04% of rng
Current AC 0 to 3A 0.1% of rdg + 0.04% of rng
Resistance 0 to 100MΩ 100ppm of rdg + 50ppm of rng
Frequency 3Hz to 300kHz 0.01% of rdg
Thermocouple -270 to 1800°C (Type J, K, R, T, S, B, E, N) ± 0.5°C
PT100 -180 to 850°C ± 0.08°C


Standard Features Internal PC Specifications / Details
Processor 64 bit, dual core (or equivalent)
RAM 4GB (or higher)
Hard Drive 60GB Solid State
Ports 4 x USB, 1 x Fast Ethernet
Display 10.4in LCD (Touch Screen)
Operating System Windows 10
Pre-loaded Software Calibrator and DMM control programs, EasyCal calibration software suite
Supplied With USB keyboard, Inkjet Printer, Cal and ID Label Printer, DVD-RW, 4 port USB hub, Numeric key pad, USB memory stick


Oscilloscope Calibration Options 9769: Internal Scope 2.2GHz Levelled Sine Generator

9762: External Rubidium High Stability Frequency Reference

9764: External Current Probe Calibration Adaptor

External Adaptors

& Instruments

9764: Current Probe Calibration Adaptor

9790: 100 Amp AC Current Transformer

9760: Power Amplifier (60V AC, 90V DC – 100mA)

TEG Digital Pressure Gauges

5077: Power Calibrator

Dry Block Calibrators (enquire for range selection)

7074: Black Body Calibrator

8029: DC Electronic Load

EasyCal Accessories

& Calibration Certificates

9779: Job and Address Label Printer

EC2FL/EC2CL/EC2WL: Additional User Licenses for separate PCs

EAD: EasyAdmin Add-On

EWC: WebCerts Add-On

CREP: Crystal Reports Software

C134: UKAS Calibration Certificate

General Specifications

Warm up 30 minutes to full accuracy
Settling Time Less than 5 seconds
Temp Performance Operating: 5 to 40°C, Full Spec: 22°C +/- 3°C, Storage: -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity <80% non condensing
Operating Altitude 0 to 3km. Non operating: 3km to 12km
Line Power 100 to 230V AC 50/60 Hz. 200W maximum
Dimensions W430 x H202 x D538mm
Weight 23kg
Supplied Items 5051PLUS Calibration System

9780 Clamp Meter Adaptor

9773 Optical Tacho Adaptor

9796 Premium Test lead Set

9082 Soft Carry Case

9795 USB keyboard, Inkjet Printer, DVD-RW, 4 port USB hub, Numeric key pad, USB memory stick

9778 Cal and ID Label Printer

9777 Bar Code Reader

5051 Manual Control Software (Calibrator and DMM)

ECFLA EasyCal Calibration Software

Factory Calibration Certificate (NPL traceable)

Country of Origin UK