TROTEC – Multi Stage Filter

Depending on the degree of pollution of the air and the application environment, the system can be installed as 4-stage filter chain by integrating the Trotec HEPA filter module.

Low-pressure drying employing water separators to protect the vacuum turbine against water and coarse particles for years have been the state of the art in the drying sector.

Qualified specialist companies nowadays mostly only use the hitherto deployed standard procedure of excess pressure drying in unoccupied areas.

A comparison of both procedures as well as further information have been compiled for you in the “practical process information”.

Due to the sensitization to allergens, carcinogenic microfibres, dust, asbestos, mites and the entire mould and bacteria issue, which has increased by a breathtaking pace over the years, the low-pressure procedure is not only preferable, but in some cases absolutely necessary, e.g. when mould has formed or mineral wool was used as insulating material.

Because during restoration work high concentrations of hazardous fine particulates, microfibres from the mineral fibre insulation as well as mould spores and bacteria from the insulation layer are inevitably released.

Only when using fine particulate air filters of the corresponding class they can reliably be filtered and their exposure can be prevented!

A precisely attuned filter system separates particles sized up to 0.3 micrometres to 99.97 % and ensures optimum purification of the process air before it is fed back to the air in the room or outdoors.

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System components:

  • Drying control unit (1)
  • Water separator with integrated micro filter system (2)
  • HEPA filter (3)
  • Insulation drying unit (4)
  • Silencer (5)