YAMADEN – LB – 110

It has no moving parts and has a long service life. Stable level meter in a wide range. Liquid level measurement, powder surface measurement is possible.

To achieve a stable measurement with high sensitivity capacitance type level gauge

  • It not only responds to liquids, but it also corresponds stably to particle measurement.
  • Excellent linearity over a wide measurement range.
    · It corresponds to wide temperature drift.
    ■ Non-explosion-proof type is LB type.
    ■ Intrinsically safe type is DB type.

The sensor section corresponds to various electrodes such as rod electrodes and wire electrodes. In addition, intrinsically safe explosion-proof type is also available.

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1. stable measurement is possible even under harsh environment
also stable level output at the time of high sensitivity can be obtained. In addition, this product has excellent noise performance

2. capable of high precision measurement in its own measurement circuit
over a wide measurement range and excellent linearity. Also, by using the guard / shield cable, since the distribution capacity of the cable between the electrode amplifiers is eliminated, it is not affected by the temperature drift of the cable capacity.

3. such as electrode insulation failure caused by condensation, etc., stable and you have to very small conductive

4. is no moving parts long life


Use  Remaining amount measurement (level meter / level meter)
Measured object  Liquid / granular / mass / foam neglect
Detailed measurement item  Tap water, Distilled water / Alcohol / Pure water, Ultrapure water / Corrosive liquid / Medicinal solution (acid / alkali) / Cleaning fluid / Oil (non explosion proofing) Working oil / Oil (explosion proof) Fuel tank, Kerosene / Liquid waste / (Resin powder, resin pellets, cement, casting sand, wheat flour, iron oxide powder, etc.) / particles of light gravity (toner, silica, film, powdered milk etc.) / mass (rock, stone, gravel etc.) / bubble detection , Bubble neglect detection
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Capacitive type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof) / intrinsically safe explosion
Tank size  Medium size (drum size) / Large size (storage and storage tank size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above)
Detailed measurement environment  Measurement of powder / granules of medium size / large tanks / Control of water supply to elevated tanks such as buildings and condominiums and control of drainage of drain tanks / control of material level / underground pit / boiler / high temperature / high pressure Water level monitoring of tank / water supply / sewer  


Amplifier section

Power supply AC 105/210 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Operating ambient temperature -20 ° C to 80 ° C
output Current: DC 4 to 20 mA (load resistance 450 Ω or less), voltage: DC 0 to 10 V (for check)
Measurement accuracy Linearity error ± 0.5% × indicated value
Measurement range Full scale 10 to 100 pF variable 100 to 1000 pf Variable 2 range switching (Others, specification change by meeting is also done)
Temperature characteristic Zero point error ± 0.2 pF at -20 ° C to 80 ° C (when cable length is within 10 m)
Explosion-proof standard

Sensor part

Material SUS304 (S2 type, S2W type) FEP (S1 type) ETFE (S1 W type), (Material changeable)
Allowable temperature -5 to + 80 ° C (Standard specification) S1, S2, S1W, S2W Max 150 ° C (S1T type) Max 120 ° C (S1 WT type) (High temperature specification) Max 180 ° C (S2T type) Max 180 ° C (S2 WT type) High temperature specification)
Allowable pressure 2 MPa max (20 ° C.)


Size PT3 / 4 and various flanges (3 / 4B or more) (S1 type, S2 type) PT1 and various flanges (1B or more) (S1W type, S2W type)
Material SUS304 (S2 type, S2W type) FEP (S1 type) ETFE (S1 W type), (Material changeable)