A liquid level gauge that measures continuous levels of small tanks at low cost. It also supports corrosion resistance.

Chemical, for small tank corresponding to the corrosion float type liquid level meter to achieve low cost

  • It is a compact float type liquid level gauge that also supports corrosive liquids.
  • Continuous level of liquid level can be measured at low cost.
  • It also supports changes in electrical properties of the object to be measured.
    ■ Voltage output type corresponds to CE standard.

It is excellent in chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, achieving heat resistance of 100 ° C. It is a low price float type liquid level gauge of simple design.

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1. adopt the mechanism and the float of the ultra-small size as a continuous type
adopting the ultra-small float and G1B screw using light PP specific gravity. Ideal for small tanks.

2. safe design withstand the harsh tank conditions
waterproof housing (protection class IP65), corresponding to a variety of use conditions, such as heat-resistant 100 ℃.

3. output the liquid level to direct
a small amplifier of integrated, inexpensive wiring easy. Directly output liquid level.

4. CE marking (voltage output type)
is a reliable product that conforms to CE standards. Optionally compatible with RoHS.


Use  Remaining amount measurement (level meter / level meter)
Measured object  Liquid / bubble neglect
Detailed measurement item  Distilled water / Distilled water / Alcohol / Pure water, Ultra pure water / Corrosive liquid / Medicinal solution (acid / alkali) / Cleaning fluid / Oil (non explosion) Working oil / Waste liquid / Foam neglect detection
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Float type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof)
Tank size  Compact (small container size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above)
Detailed measurement environment  Material level control / wide liquid (measurable even when the liquid type changes or the liquid’s physical properties change) / water level in the water supply and sewerage


Amplifier section

Power supply DC 24 V ± 10%
Power consumption 0.24 W or less
Operating ambient temperature 0 ° C + 60 ° C
output Voltage output type (3 wire type) 0 to 10 V ± 1%, min 2 kΩ or more, current output type (2 wire type) DC 4 to 20 mA circuit voltage 10 V
Measurement accuracy ± 8 mm
Response speed (delay) Within 0.5 seconds
weight Approximately 350 g


Size G1B
Material PP


Outer Diameter Φ 29 × H 52
Material PP
Specific gravity of measurable liquid 0.75 or more


Outer Diameter Φ 15 mm
Material PFA (internal SUS 316 L)
L dimension (max) Maximum 470 mm ※ It may be shorter depending on usage environment. For actual maximum dimensions, please contact our sales representative.

Float Other

Allowable temperature -10 ° C to 100 ° C
Detection pitch Maximum 8 mm
Dead zone Stem tip 51 mm and Leet wire side 16 mm
Allowable pressure Atmospheric pressure
Protection grade IP65
option RoHS directive, waterproof connector, temperature sensor built-in specification, high temperature specification (amplifier part 100 ℃)