Ultra compact and compatible with chemicals. The dead zone is short, making it ideal for small tanks and near distance measurement.

Compact and ultra-compact, excellent corrosion resistance optimal ultrasonic level meter in a small tank

  • The dead zone is short, making it ideal for short range (0.06 m ~) measurement.
  • Ultra compact, compact, excellent in corrosion resistance.
    ■ Response speed is fast, and it corresponds to the movement of the small and high tank liquid up and down         quickly.
    ■ In addition to continuous output of liquid surface, contact output of 2 points (upper and lower limit) is                 possible.
    ■ It is a CE marked product.

Two types can be selected according to the measurement range.

  • YU-11 measurement range ~ 0.45M 0.06

In addition, threaded connection, offers a variety of specifications, such as flange connection.

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1. chemical resin
sensor offers superior PFA resin and chemical.

2. possible short-range measurement
short dead zone, is ideal for short-distance measurement.

3. High-resolution & compact and lightweight
with a high resolution of 0.1mm, has achieved the space saving due to compact sensor body.


Use  Remaining amount detection (level switch) / remaining amount measurement (level meter / level meter)
Measured object  liquid
Detailed measurement item  Multiple point detection of tap water, distilled water / alcohol / pure water, ultrapure water / corrosive liquid / chemical liquid (acid / alkali) / cleaning liquid / conductive liquid (general purified water, sewage, distilled water, salt water, acidic chemical liquid , Sludge (sludge, soil, caustic soda, soy sauce, caustic soda, soy sauce, caustic soda etc.) / oil (non-explosion proof) working oil / waste liquid / viscous liquid · slurry · sludge (paint, adhesive, honey) Carbon, miso, shampoo etc.)
Contact / non-contact  Non-contact
Measuring method  Ultrasonic type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof)
Tank size  Compact (small container size) / medium size (drum can size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above)
Detailed measurement environment  Multi-point liquid level control / Water supply control to elevated water tanks such as buildings and condominiums, drainage control of wastewater tank / raw material level control / reservoir · water level detection of river / wide liquid (liquid type Measurement is possible even if physical properties change) / Water level monitoring of water supply and sewerage


Amplifier section

Power supply DC 10 to 28 V
Power consumption 3 W (Starting current of 0.5 A / sec is required at power on)
Operating ambient temperature 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
output Current DC 4 to 20 mA (load resistance 450 Ω) Alarm output NPN open collector Up and down 2 points (DC 30 V 0.1 A)
Measurement accuracy ± 0.25% FS or ± 0.1 cm
resolution 0.1 mm
Measurement cycle 0.05 sec
Measurement range 0.06 to 0.45 m
Case material ABS
Protection grade IP 43
weight 300 g
Dedicated cable length Cable length 2 m

Sensor part

Model 11-4N 15S-2N 11-4F 15S-2F
Allowable temperature 0 ° C to + 50 ° C 0 ° C to + 50 ° C 0 ° C to + 50 ° C 0 ° C to + 50 ° C
Protection grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
weight 150 g 150 g 150 g 150 g
Ultrasonic frequency 400 kHz 200 kHz 400 kHz 200 kHz
Beam angle Five Ten Five Ten


Model 11-4N 15S-2N 11-4F 15S-2F
Size M32 × 1.0 M32 × 1.0 JIS 5 K 20 A FF JIS 5 K 20 A FF
Material PTFE PTFE

Terminal box

Material ABS ABS
Protection grade IP 43 IP 43