High functionality in a compact, high-stability, measurable best-selling models are a variety of measurement object.

Of conventional electrostatic capacitance type level switch

  • Ideal for detection of liquid slurry, corrosive liquid, granules and interface-foam.
    High temperature, you can use low-temperature, high pressure, even in harsh environments such as vacuum.
    Or attached, such as, to solve the problems, such as a float or electrode type.
  • For most of the measured object, also it was solved drawback of conventional electrostatic capacitance type.
  • integrated · DC24V power supply is compatible with the CE mark.
  • The sensor section, corrosive liquid correspondence of “tubing type”, the longest 10m correspondence of “wire-type”, “pipeline” of pipe, such as a possible change of the electrode length of “adjustable type” offers a variety of specifications you.
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1. powerful adheres cancellation and will detect and
conductive liquid of adhesion and chocolate, such as sludge, also attached, such as ready-mixed concrete OK.
It corresponds to the strong adhesion of the powder particles of adhesion and adhesive.

2. ultra-high temperature, also corresponds to the harsh conditions, such as extremely low temperature
high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, vacuum, vibration, also supports the difficult environment of use, such as anti-static electricity.
To 300 ℃ or more of the ultra-high temperature and -200 ℃ cryogenic correspond.

3. free power of AC / DC, the sequencer output is also available
in a wide range of free power of AC / DC20 ~ 250V, it can be used in countries around the world.
Contact output, of course, also supports such as a variety of non-contact output.

4. rippling and also corresponding to the fail-safe at the time of failure
is also equipped with delay function, also supports waving or chattering.
Fail-safe function for the event of a failure are also a standard feature.

5. CE Mark product
(in the case of integrated · DC24V power use) YAL series has obtained the CE mark.

Unit configuration

Unit configuration there is a “separation-type” of the amplifier by location and “integrated” built-in amplifier.

Applications and Results

Use  The remaining amount detection (level switch)
Measured  Liquid / viscous liquid / granules / Katamaritai / surfactant / foam / foam ignored
Details measured  Tap water, distilled water / alcohol / pure water, ultra-pure water / corrosive liquid / liquid chemical (acid and alkali) / cleaning liquid / oil (non-explosion proof) Working oil / waste liquid / viscous liquid slurry sludge (paint, adhesives, honey) / conductivity strongly adhere many substances (sludge, raw sewage, seawater, soy sauce, caustic soda, carbon, miso, shampoo, etc.) / granules (resin powder, resin pellets, cement, sand, flour, iron oxide powder etc.) / specific gravity of light powder particles (toner, silica, film, such as powdered milk) / high temperature environment of the powder particles (ash, resins, etc.) / Katamaritai (rock, stone, gravel, etc.) / liquefied gas ( liquefied nitrogen, liquefied hydrogen, LNG, LPG, etc.) / bubble detection, foam ignored detection / interface detection (oil-water interface, etc.)
Contact and non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Capacitive
Explosion proof  No (non-explosion proof)
The size of the tank  Small (small container size) / medium-sized (drum size) / large (water storage and storage tank size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above) / horizontal (from the side) / diagonal (from the side) / from the bottom
Details measurement environment  High-temperature and high-pressure / piping installation / ruffling some liquid / if there is a flow of liquid / liquid in case the tank depth is long / medium-sized and large tank of the powder particles of measurement / raw material level control / food process on the CIP process of liquid of judgment detection / underground pit / boilers, high temperature, high-pressure tank / temperature, harsh environment and the maintenance and inspection difficult places, such as pressure

Standard Specification

Amplifier section

Power supply AC / DC 20 ~ 250V
Power consumption 1.5VA below
Operating ambient temperature -25 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
output Relay contact AC250V DC30V 3A
Highest detection sensitivity 0.5pF
Response speed (delay) 0 to 10 seconds variable
Case Material ADC12
Degree of protection IP68 (amplifier integrated only)
Wiring port G1 / 2
Dedicated cable length 1m, 2m, 3m (amplifier separation type type 3 only), high-frequency cable 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m (amplifier separation type type 5 only)
option OFF delay (0-4 seconds variable), fail-safe H, no-contact output (SSR output, also supports NPN · PNP format), amplifier separation type

The sensor unit

Material SUS304 (Material can be changed)
Material Insulation Material Polyacetal · PTFE (Material can be changed)
Allowable temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃ (180 ℃) ※ also available high temperature type on request
Allowable pressure 2MPa
Degree of protection IP68 (amplifier integrated only)
option To prevent dew condensation, the electrode portion buff finish (# 400 or equivalent), material change


Size R3 / 4 and various flange (can be changed)
Material SUS304 (Material can be changed)
option Change the material and size