Lateral mounting type liquid level sensor. It is possible to change ON / OFF by changing setting direction.

SUS made of horizontal mounting type float-type liquid level switch

  • By simply changing the installation direction, ON and OFF operation is free.
    ■ Combined with the relay barrier also supports intrinsically safe explosion protection.

It also supports change of connection (various flanges, including various screws). It also supports intrinsically safe explosion in combination with a relay barrier.

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1. operating principle
have reed switch is built into the system as in the figure, will be the magnet in the float arm approaches the reed switch ON, leave and turned OFF.

2. Installation direction
ON by simply changing the installation direction, the operation of the OFF is freely.


Use  Level detection (level switch)
Measured object  liquid
Detailed measurement item  Tap water, distilled water / alcohol / pure water, ultrapure water / chemical solution (acid / alkali) / cleaning solution / oil (non explosion proof) working oil / oil (Explosion proof) Fuel tank, kerosene / liquid / foam detection, bubble neglect detection
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Float type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof) / intrinsically safe explosion
Tank size  Medium size (drum size)
Mounting position  Horizontal (from the side)
Detailed measurement environment  Water supply control to elevated water tanks such as buildings and condominiums, drainage control of drain tanks / raw material level control / wide liquid (measurable even when the liquid type changes or electric properties of liquid change) / Water level monitoring of water supply and sewerage



Size JIS 5K 25 A
Material SUS 304
option Various flanges can be accommodated with screws.

Terminal box

Material ADC 12
Wiring port G1 / 2
Protection grade IP65


Outer Diameter Φ17 × L47
Material SUS 304
Specific gravity of measurable liquid 0.8 or more


Outer Diameter Φ13.8
Material SUS 304
L dimension (max) 500

Electric rating

Contact capacity 50 VA DC / AC
Maximum switching voltage 300 V DC / AC
Maximum switching current 0.5 A DC / AC

Float Other

Maximum detection point 1 point
Allowable temperature -20 ℃ to 70 ℃ (withstand pressure specification 120 ℃)
Operating ambient temperature At normal temperature
L dimension (min) 110 mm