Float switch with excellent corrosion resistance. Multiple point (1 to 7 points) liquid level detection is possible with one unit.

Multi-point (1-7 points) detectable plastic float type level sensor

  • It is a float sensor which is excellent in corrosion resistance and suitable for multipoint detection of various liquid chemicals.
  • In addition to the standard specifications, various types are available according to the usage conditions.
    ■ Combined with the relay barrier also supports intrinsically safe explosion protection.

The following two kinds of lineup are prepared.

  • YF-RP □ S type: Small float type

other, change of various specifications (connection section, material, etc.) correspond to such.

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1. has excellent corrosion resistance
adopt a superior resin in corrosion to the sensor unit (PVC, PP, etc.). It corresponds to various chemical liquids.

2. Multi-point (multi-point) detection
is possible liquid level detection of a single multi-point (up to a maximum of 7 points).

3. have a high durability and reliability, impact not subject to such as temperature, humidity, and gas
by the adoption of high reed switch durable, and excellent reliability and durability.

4. corresponding to the intrinsic safety explosion-proof structure in combination with the relay barrier


Use  Level detection (level switch)
Measured object  Liquid / bubble neglect
Detailed measurement item  Multiple point detection of tap water, distilled water / alcohol / pure water, ultrapure water / corrosive liquid / chemical liquid (acid / alkali) / cleaning liquid / conductive liquid (general purified water, sewage, distilled water, salt water, acidic chemical liquid , Alkaline chemicals etc) / Oil (non explosion proof) Oil / oil (Explosion proof) Fuel tank, kerosene / waste liquid / foam detection, bubble neglect detection
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Float type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof) / intrinsically safe explosion
Tank size  Compact (small container size) / medium size (drum can size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above)
Detailed measurement environment  Multi-point liquid level control / Water supply control to elevated water tanks such as buildings and condominiums, drainage control of drain tank / raw material level control / wide liquid (change in liquid type, change in electric properties of liquid Can measure even) / Water level monitoring of water supply and sewerage



Size JIS 5K 50 A
Material PVC
option Connection part can be changed.

Terminal box

Material ADC 12
Wiring port G3 / 4
Protection grade IP65


Outer Diameter Φ48 × H50
Material PP
Specific gravity of measurable liquid 0.65 or more


Outer Diameter Φ22
Material PVC
L dimension (max) 3900 mm

Electric rating

Contact capacity DC 50 W / AC 70 VA
Maximum switching voltage 350V DC / 300V AC
Maximum switching current DC 0.7 A / AC 0.5 A

Float Other

Maximum detection point 7
Allowable temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃ (heat resistant specification: 80 ℃)
Ln dimension (min) 50 mm
L dimension (min) 120 mm
Set interval size (min) 100 mm
L – Ln size (min) 70 mm
option Functions with built-in wave preventing tube and temperature sensor