Ultra small float switch. Ideal as a level switch for incorporating equipment.

Ultra small resin float switch. Ideal for incorporation of machinery and equipment.

  • Resistant to corrosion (PP, POM, etc.) is adopted as sensor part.
  • We also support various chemical solutions.
    ■ Ideal for detecting liquid level of small devices and small containers.

By for water, chemicals and for the oil, two types You can select the following

  • YF-GP1B2 for type 🙁 oil) Material is POM

other, horizontal mounting Type, SUS (SUS 304, SUS 316) are also available.

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1. is a float switch of ultra-small (1 point detection).
Line-ups for water / chemicals and oils are available.

2. durability and reliability
does not suffer temperature, humidity, the effects of the gas, or the like.


Use  Level detection (level switch)
Measured object  Liquid / bubble neglect
Detailed measurement item  Oil (explosion proof) Work oil / oil (Explosion proof) Fuel tank, Kerosene / Waste liquid / Foam detection, Water purification / Foam neglect detection
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Float type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof) / intrinsically safe explosion
Tank size  Compact (small container size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above)
Detailed measurement environment  Material level control / wide liquid (measurable even when the liquid type changes or the liquid’s physical properties change) / water level in the water supply and sewerage



Size G1 / 8
Material POM


Outer Diameter Φ 26.5 × H 25
Material NBR
Specific gravity of measurable liquid 0.57 or more


Outer Diameter Φ 7
Material PP
L dimension (max) 44 ± 1

Electric rating

Contact capacity 50 VA DC / AC
Maximum switching voltage 300 V DC / AC
Maximum switching current 0.5 A DC / AC

Float Other

Maximum detection point 1
Allowable temperature -10 ° C to + 80 ° C
Ln dimension (min) 44 ± 1
option SUS made (SUS304 · SUS316) is also available. There is also a horizontal installation type.