Granules, can be detected substances such as oil. Ideal for built-in machinery and equipment.

Small level switch to achieve a high sensitivity ideal for powder, granules, liquid detection of small tank

  • From conductive material, it can be detected in the insulating material, such as granules and oil.

The one-touch push button, is easy to set up. In amplifier built-in one-piece body, it is ideal for integration into small devices. Also in a container of pet bottle size corresponds.

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1. space-saving type of ultra-compact
has a built-in amplifier unit, is ideal for small device integration.

2. wide power range, low power consumption
DC8 ~ 28V correspondence. Current consumption 30mA or less.

3. High-sensitivity
very achieves stability with high sensitivity, is also available in Nara without oil or powder water only.

4. high waterproof
to achieve IP67, dust-proof waterproof, also supports outdoor use.

5. One-touch adjustment (setting button)
You can set the sensitivity according to the object to be measured in three stages of adjustment.
It can also be set in a state in which the measurement object in a small container (small tank) is turned on.

6. With the operation display function
can be found in the LED stable operation.

Applications and Results

Use  The remaining amount detection (level switch)
Measured  Liquid / granules / interface
Details measured  Tap water, distilled water / alcohol / pure water, ultra-pure water / chemical solution (acid-alkali) / cleaning liquid / oil (non-explosion proof) Working oil / waste liquid / powder particles (resin powder, resin pellets, cement, foundry sand, flour , iron oxide powder, etc.) / specific gravity of light powder particles (toner, silica, film, such as powdered milk) / interface detection (oil-water interface, etc.)
Contact and non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Capacitive
Explosion proof  No (non-explosion proof)
The size of the tank  Small (small container size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from above) / horizontal (from the side) / from the bottom
Details measurement environment  Piping installation / Bill Mansion such as water supply control and drainage tank of waste water control to the elevated water tank / raw material level control / of the CIP process on the liquid in the food process decision detection / temperature, difficult to harsh environments, maintenance and inspection of such pressure a place / water and sewage water level monitoring

Standard Specification

Amplifier section

Power supply DC8 ~ 28V
Operating ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
output NPN output MAX DC30V, 50mA (or less residual voltage 0.5V)
Case Material SUS304
Degree of protection IP67
Distribution cable 2000mm
option PNP output type, sanitary specifications

The sensor unit

Material Body: SUS304, detection unit: PTFE
Allowable temperature -20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
Allowable pressure -0.08 ~ 1MPa
Degree of protection IP67
L dimension 40mm


Size R1 / 4
Material SUS304