YAMADEN – CV – 130 – SED

Detects the sediment that is precipitating in the liquid without being affected by the liquid.

Detect sediments and sediments in liquid

  • Detect solid matter (sediments / sediments) that are precipitated in the liquid.
  • Sensitivity changeover switch allows setting under conditions such as liquid specific gravity and sediment.
    ■ Suitable for detection of sedimentary sludge in washing liquid, sludge and sand in water etc.

The following three types of lineups are available.

  • CV-310-SED: probe extension type
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1. ideal in all solid-liquid separation device
is a sensor which is intended to detect the sediment of sand and mud and sludge, in the liquid of the pellets and the like. When the sediment contacts or buries in the sensor part placed in the liquid, it outputs relay.

2. sensitivity can be set in accordance with the conditions of use
are possible sensitivity set by the specific gravity and other terms and conditions of the liquid of precipitate. By using the sensitivity change switch, you can use it in a more optimal condition.

3. feature-rich
free power source (AC / DC20 ~ 250V), fail-safe function, CE Mark.


Use  Level detection (level switch)
Measured object  Precipitate
Detailed measurement item  Precipitates in liquid (sedimentary sludge in washing solution, detection of sludge and sand in water etc.)
Contact / non-contact  contact
Measuring method  Vibration type
Explosion proof  None (non-explosion-proof)
Tank size  Medium size (drum size)
Mounting position  Vertical (from the top) / Horizontal (from the side) / Diagonally (from the side)
Detailed measurement environment  Interfacial management of material level control / sedimentation tank of factory wastewater treatment facility, sedimentation tank interfacial management of sewage treatment plant


Amplifier section

Power supply AC / DC 20 to 250 V
Power consumption 3VA
Operating ambient temperature -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
output Configuration: 1 C, Capacity: AC2000 VA DC 80 W
Case material Aluminum die-cast
Protection grade IP 67
Wiring port M20 × 1.5 (with cable gland)
Maximum switching voltage AC 250 V
Maximum switching current 8 A
option Amplifier separation

Sensor part

Material SUS 304
Allowable temperature -40 ° C to + 80 ° C
Allowable load
L dimension Min 330 mm max 2 m
option 2 point alarm output (DPDT), wire extraction port 2 holes, probe buff finish


Size R1 1/2
Material SUS 304
option Various flanges

Terminal box

Material Aluminum die-cast
Wiring port M20 × 1.5
Protection grade IP 67