YAMADEN – CV – 510 – SED

Detects the sediment that is precipitating in the liquid without being affected by the liquid.

Detect sediments and sediments in liquid

  • Detect solid matter (sediments / sediments) that are precipitated in the liquid.
  • Sensitivity changeover switch allows setting under conditions such as liquid specific gravity and sediment.
    ■ Suitable for detection of sedimentary sludge in washing liquid, sludge and sand in water etc.

The following three types of lineups are available.

  • CV-510-SED: hanging type
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1. ideal in all solid-liquid separation device
is a sensor which is intended to detect the sediment of sand and mud and sludge, in the liquid of the pellets and the like. When the sediment contacts or buries in the sensor part placed in the liquid, it outputs relay.

2. sensitivity can be set in accordance with the conditions of use
are possible sensitivity set by the specific gravity and other terms and conditions of the liquid of precipitate. By using the sensitivity change switch, you can use it in a more optimal condition.

3. feature-rich
free power source (AC / DC20 ~ 250V), fail-safe function, CE Mark.