SCR ELEKTRONIKS – Electrical Safety

The testing set up for domestic electrical appliances is designed to carry out the tests as per the IS 10322-1984.

Input 120 / 230 V
Option of any one or more tests included in the safety test equipment:
High Voltage Test
Earth Bond Test
Leakage Current Test (Online and/or offline)
Insulation Resistance Test
Performance Test
Sequential testing: Above tests get carried out automatically one after another.

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  • Rated Current, Voltage and Wattage Performance Test
  • Safety testing as per UL, CE, BIS, etc.
  • Digitally adjustable parameter setting such as High Voltage, Leakage Current, etc.
  • Parameter limits setting for different tests
  • Digital meters: 3-1/2 digit for all the tests to indicate different parameters.
  • Leakage Current checked for both the polarities; Plus online and offline option for leakage current testing¬†Micro-Controller based digital sequential timer to carry out tests automatically¬†Lamps and Buzzer alarms for indication such as OK, Pass, Fail, etc.
  • Customized design of High Voltage fixtures for safe handling
  • PC based panel interfaced with NI LabVIEW based
  • SCADA for data logging the panel entirely from PC
  • Test results can be exported to Word/Excel/html/printer or can be emailed
  • Ideal for assembly line routine testing / Lab testing
  • All in one customized solution
  • Used by leading appliance manufacturers in their factories across the world