PSL – IPC (Industrial Power Corruptor)

PSL’s Industrial Power Corruptor generates bad quality power, reliably and repeatedly.
Use an IPC to test sensitive systems, making sure your design will work when it is installed.

These are the best instruments for complying with SEMI F47, SEMI E6, IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-34, and other international standards.


  • Creates voltage sags and swells, from 0% to 125% of nominal, from 1 cycle to 30 seconds
  • High power handling: up to 480 Vrms, 200 amps continuous
  • Safe, knob selected, true phase-to-phase sags and swells – no neutral required, no manual rewiring
  • Optional power flow monitoring
  • Compact size for convenient transport to testing sites
  • PSL’s unique TestingPartner® program lets you perform your own certification testing


The Industrial Power Corruptor (IPC) is the ideal tool to help answer a wide range of questions on your new or existing equipment:

  • Will your new design work with local power disturbances?
  • Does your design meet the upcoming CE requirements for industrial equipment voltage sag immunity?
  • Do you need to self-certify to SEMI F47 and SEMI E6 standards?
  • How many kilowatt-hours does it take to process your product?
  • How much inrush current does your equipment really require – could you use a smaller breaker?
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General specifications
Functional Voltage Sag/Dip and Swell testing per SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11,IEC 61000-4-34, CBEMA, ITIC, MIL STD, FAA, SAMSUNG, and other international standards. With Power Flow Analysis option, also performs to SEMI E6, current inrush testing, harmonic current testing, and more.
Patents U.S. Patent 5,886,429 – Voltage sag/swell testing station – Grady et al (exclusive world-wide license from University of Texas)
U.S. Patent 6,759,765 – Sag generator with plurality of switch technologies – McEachern et al
Agency approvals Designed to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards, CE certification requirements, FCC requirements. Fully meets requirements of IEC-1010, and IEC-61000-4-11/-4-34. Fully meets requirements and recommendations of SEMI F47.
Equipment ratings Rated as Class I equipment. Rated for Installation Category II (local level, appliances, portable equipment). Rated for Pollution Degree 2 (Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs.)
Operating environment Indoor use. Altitude up to 2000 m. Temperature between 5°C and 40°C. Max relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.
Instrument Power 100 to 240 Vac (±10%), 50/60 Hz, 4 Amps max.
Software Industrial Power Corruptor program for setup/operation of IPC, viewing real-time and downloaded data, and collecting information for test report generation. With Power Flow Analysis option, software includes vector scope, real-time oscilloscope, and real-time spectrum analyzer. ChannelScope II software for viewing, zooming, scrolling, and synchronizing power waveforms. FlowScope software for graphing and examining power flow over time. Requires PC with Windows 98 or XP.
Communications Front panel RJ-45 jack for serial connection to PC.
Physical 19 inch rack-mount unit in rugged polyethylene case measuring 21in. W x 11in. H x 30 in.L (50cm x 28cm x 76cm). 130lb (59Kg)
Shipping container The IPC must always be shipped in its included heavy-duty shipping container, which includes four air-cushion feet, four carrying handles, and custom-fitted closed-cell anti-shock and anti-vibration foam. Case fully meets international ISPM-15 import/export requirements, including China, Japan, Brazil, EU, Australia.